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Johns Hopkins Nursing

February 9-10, 2008

80016751: Eighth Annual Hot Topics in MR Imaging for the Technologist

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Turner Building, Baltimore, Maryland
March 4, 2008

80019093: Course on Research Ethics (C.O.R.E.)

Thomas B. Turner Building
June 4-7, 2009

80019282: Biennial Meeting and Reunion Weekend

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Turner Bldg.
Baltimore, MD
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Senior Administrators
Todd Dorman, MD, FCCM
Associate Dean and Director, CME
A Message from Dr. Dorman

Mary Jeter
Administrative Assistant to Dr Dorman
HR Representative
Conference Coordinator

Victor B. Marrow, PhD
Executive Director, Office of Funded Programs

Carlita Kearney
Director of Coordinated Programs

Anita Beyer
Jeanne Ryan
Accreditation/Compliance Specialists

Don Morris
Senior Financial Manager

Lorraine Spencer
IT Manager

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