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Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight would like to present Dr. Elliott K. Fishman

Elliot K. Fishman, M.D
Professor of Radiology & Oncology
Director, Diagnostic Imaging and Body CT

Department of Radiology
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Dr. Elliot K. Fishman received his bachelors degree in 1973 and his medical degree in 1977 from the University of Maryland. After a residency at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Dr. Fishman completed a Fellowship in Computed Tomography in 1980 at Johns Hopkins Hospital and joined The Russell H. Morgan Department of Radiology and Radiological Science at Johns Hopkins in 1981 as an Assistant Professor. In 1986, he became Associate Professor and, in 1991, Professor.

Dr. Fishman's interests have focused around medical imaging with specific emphasis on 3-Dimensional Imaging and Computed Tomography. He was involved from the beginning in the development of 3D Imaging through his work with Pixar, which was a spin-off from LucasFilms in San Rafael, California. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Fishman continued developing 3D imaging and has been a leader in helping to develop interactive 3D renderings. Today, this is a major part of radiologic diagnosis with a significant impact on patient care and management. Dr. Fishman's interests in computed tomography have spanned the era from early scanners that took 10 seconds per slice, to the scanners of today which take under a second. His research team is one of the world's leading groups in developing new techniques and technologies, whether in visualization or post-processing skills.

During his career at Hopkins, his involvement has included graduate and post-graduate education, teaching and, most importantly, patient care. In terms of education, Dr. Fishman has been a sought-after speaker worldwide for many Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses and has given many named lectures. He has coordinated more than 100 CME courses for Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, including the CT Cutting Edge Course for the past 22 years. Dr. Fishman has also developed one of the largest websites in medical imaging and truly the largest in CT, known as This website is currently used each month by nearly 50,000 medical professionals from more than 100 countries. The site has been hailed by numerous organizations for its excellence and is one of the chosen sites for Medscape. Medscape is one of the main internet sites that offers medical specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals the Web's most robust and integrated medical information and educational tools.

Dr. Fishman was recognized for his excellence in education and teaching by being presented with Aunt Minnie Awards: one, as Outstanding Educator in 2002 and the other, as Outstanding Researcher in 2004. Radiologists throughout the world choose the recipients of the annual Aunt Minnie Awards and Dr. Fishman is the first person ever to receive both awards.

Dr. Fishman's continued interest in advancing imaging around the world to improve patient care is the driving force behind the website and many of his educational endeavors. In addition to his research and educational activities, Dr. Fishman maintains a busy clinical practice and is dedicated to patient care and quality of service.

When asked why he became involved originally with CME, and why he stays involved, Dr. Fishman had this to say.
" I became Director of my first Hopkins CME course in 1985 and have been doing courses, continually, for the past twenty years and have been course director of over 100 courses. My initial reason for getting involved was to try to create an educational experience that was outstanding for both the faculty and the attendees of the course. Initially, one of the goals was, of course, a means to get Hopkins faculty to meet and get better known to academic radiologists across the country and the world. I stay involved because I enjoy putting the meetings together and helping develop educational curriculum for physicians in practice. I also enjoy helping to spread technology and developing long-term friendships with both course attendees and faculty.

I enjoy the entire process, from planning to execution of the course. I enjoy working with the CME office, particularly Carlita Kearney and Laura Friend, and the challenge of always trying to make the course better than the prior year and the best course possible. I like the opportunity for meeting the course attendees, many who have come to many of our meetings; it is like meeting old friends. The CME experience is truly time consuming and, at times, a bit stressful, but well worth it. "

On-line Publications include:

Dr. Fishman will be offering:

CBT: Cutting Edge
Orlando, FL
Feb 16-19, 2006

3D Imaging
Las Vegas, NV
March 24-26, 2006

3D Imaging
Baltimore, MD
March 31-April 2, 2006

Multidetector CT Scanning
Mediterranean Cruise
July 29-Aug 5, 2006

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