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What is eMedicalDermatology Review ?
A bi-monthly review of journal literature by topic, with access to available abstracts and full text articles
Timely commentary on current research, best practices, and clinical management issues, provided by an expert panel of Dermatology Specialists
6 bi-monthly issues and 6 podcasts (clinical practice case-study scenarios)
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Topics of interest include:
Isotretinoin updates
Infantile hemangiomas
UV therapy beyond psoriasis
Laser derm surgery
Controversies in biologic therapy for psoriasis
Intended Audience:
This activity has been developed for the dermatologist, nurses, dermasurgeon, dermatopathologist, pediatric dermatologist, immunodermatologist, wound care specialists and allied healthcare providers. There are no fees or prerequisites for this activity.

Program Learning Objectives
After participating in this activity the participant will demonstrate the ability to:
Accurately diagnose skin and skin structure infections, evaluate their severity, and analyze the risk that multidrug-resistant bacteria present,
Carefully select antibiotic and other therapeutic interventions based on the severity of the infection, the likelihood of drug resistance, and other patient characteristics,
Confidently choose systemic and biologic therapies for psoriasis patients as part of an individualized treatment plan that optimizes outcomes and quality of life,
Implement improved cardiovascular risk surveillance for psoriasis patients,
Assess and utilize new and emerging therapies as well as current guidelines for acne, eczema and rosacea treatment,
Design and implement individualized treatment regimens for common skin disorders, including acne, eczema and rosacea, that are effective, promote patient compliance, and minimize the development of antibiotic resistance.
Who creates each newsletter?
Each month's issue is written by guest authors with expertise in the topic of focus. The program content is reviewed by expert editorial directors.

How do I earn continuing education credit?
For each issue, participants has the option of earning 1.0 credit and an additional 0.5 credit for issues with podcasts. For more information click here.